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See the list of sources at the bottom of the page. I Can't Find the Person I'm Looking For, What Now? FREE. Since 1907 the Hapag has also shared this service. In 1872 were established the Kosmos Line, around Cape Horn to Chili and Peru, and the Kingsin Line, a freight service from Hamburg to the Far East through the Suez Canal, which had been opened three years before. The information in these records may include the emigrants' names, ages, occupations, destinations, and places of origin or birth places. Bremen, along with Hamburg and Luebeck, was of of the three major trans-shipping centers from northern Germany. Agnes 29 December German Research: Hansel and Gretel: Finding our German ancestors' trail home, Internet Resources for Finding 19th Century German Emigrants, Germany - Emigration and immigration - Indexes, Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach),, Dozens of other published emigrant lists are listed in the Place Search of the. Antilope 13 August Howard 6 September Mary Phillips 9 September Immigration records, also known as "passenger arrival records," can provide genealogical information including: a person's nationality, place of birth ship name and date of entry to the United States age, height, eye and hair color profession place of last residence name and address of relatives they are joining in the U.S. [1][2], 1832 - lists of passengers begin Louise 17 May Eliza Thornton 30 October SS Oder 30 September Sir Isaac Newton 19 June 1849/1850 Karl W. Klber: Bremen and Hamburg emigration lists. Mandatory passports were required only in times of crises, when there were epidemics and political or military conflicts. F H Adami 25 October This database also includes transcriptions of card indexes for Bremen passenger lists from 1907-1908 and 1913-1914 (also see . Ship Uhland 16 June Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild is independently owned. Ship Adolphine 13 January F H Adami 25 October Save a copy of the image or transcribe the information. Sophie 19 August Sophie 19 August 1841 This page has been viewed 44,539 times (3,302 via redirect). Ship Ocean 13 January SS Berlin 5 December, 1872 SS Leipzig 30 August Latrobe 2 August Includes marital status, occupation, ship name, place of last residence, and destination. Albert 19 August 1832 Brig Forest 13 February. The average number of steerage passengers brought us by the two German companies in the years 1860-1900 was as follows:[2], Average Steerage Passengers from Hamburg Compared to Bremen During Selected Years 1861-1900. Howard 1 May This page was last edited on 29 December 2022, at 13:54. Gustav 25 May Ship Johanne Wilhelmine 5 November SS Donau 29 April, 1879 Alfred 30 October 1845 One of the great losses in genealogical history is the nearly complete destruction of the Bremen passenger records. Caspar 22 September Ajax 11 September Anna 10 November Bark Josephine 10 November How wise this reservation was, is apparent when we observe what trend emigration to America had already taken in 1900 and to what enormous proportions emigration from East Europe had grown in the banner year 1906-07. Henry 15 October On June 19, 1858, at 6 o'clock in the afternoon; the "Bremen" left the wharf at Bremerhaven on her maiden voyage to New York, carrying 100 tons of freight, 1 cabin and 93- steerage passengers. Agnes 29 December Isabella 5 July Sophie 12 October Olbers 13 June Stephani 30 December The independent-minded skipper could disobey orders again by allowing his ship, the passenger liner Bremen, the jewel of the German . 1844 SS Baltimore 21 March Cordova 24 November Ferdinand 11 June Westphalia 31 December When the allies occupied Germany at the end of WWII, the Institute was closed and later re-opened as the Institut fr Austlandsbeziehungen. It is a common form of agreement in Germany and one by which the all-powerful Hapag has come to have a share in nearly every other profitable steamship company in Hamburg. Caroline 23 July Martha 1 September SS Berlin 23 August Sometimes they also show family groups. The New Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild logo was designed by Patty MacFarlane. ISTG Vol 19 - Bremen Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild Bremen List of Passengers arrived from Foreign Ports, In the Port of Galveston, during the Second Quarter (10 May), 1871 (John Hellmers, Master) Howard 1 May Bremen 12 August Kepler 17 December Luise 22 May Admiral Branning 1 November She arrived in New York on July 4, at 7 o'clock in the morning. Charlemagne 15 July The American merchant marine had been destroyed and foreign carriers came into its heritage. Brig Stern 7 September Ship North Star 25 August SS Rhein 13 January Isabella 28 August Philadelphia 10 October Hamburg became a port of emigration because of its competition with Bremen as a seaport for trade. Grace Brown 17 July This collection includes records from 1904 to 1914 of handwritten cards, covering the information of approximately 8,800 passengers. Diana 11 November Herschel 15 August SS Arago 12 June 1834 Bodo Heyne: Passengers of the FERDINAND and the WALLACE. SS Lahn 22 December. Garonne 21 August A directory of ship passenger lists & records on the Internet to help find your immigrant ancestors. Bark Adonis 22 May The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. As many as one-fifth of the passengers did not survive the crossing to America. Bachus 12 September The SS Bremen was built by F. Schichau of Danzig for the Norddeutscher-Lloyd line. Kepler 17 December Bremen Packet 28 May Repeat this process for each new generation you identify. Bashan 3 November Louise 21 May Semiramis 18 August Namenskartei aus den Bremer Schiffslisten (Bremen Ship Passengers 1904-1914) Article by John Movius with David Dreyer. Bark Clara 23 December, 1873 Paoli 9 August Everhard 25 May German towns began keeping records of each person's residence in the 1840s. Rainbow 26 August Edward 24 July Brig Bremen 18 July A P Sharp 12 November The Canary Islands will be the first port of the service. When the allies occupied Germany at the end of WWII, the Institute was closed and later re-opened as the Institut fr Austlandsbeziehungen. Ship Sirius 23 September Elizabeth Hall of Dighton 1 September Caspar 22 September There are additional sources listed in the FamilySearch Catalog: These links lead to listings of emigration records for several provinces/states of the German Empire: This website requires a paid subscription for full access. Elise 8 September Post 23 June Philadelphia 22 August Mary Phillips 9 September Sir Isaac Newton 30 October Mauran 11 November Ellen Brooks 28 October Albert 17 February Brig Charles Ferdinand 4 August Foreigners and servants were registered and those in need of passports. Everhard 25 May Bark E.J. Hamburg became the most important emigration port in Germany by 1900. Marianne 20 July It accounts, in large measure, for instance, for the concentration in Bremen of the European trade in American cotton and tobacco. Timoleon 22 November At the close of the Franco-Prussian war, French chauvinists had insulted German emigrants in Havre and permanently diverted to Hamburg and Bremen the stream that had flowed to the French port. Ellen Brooks 28 October For more details, see several Wikipedia articles: Records that document emigration from Germany include passenger lists, passports, permissions to emigrate, German and French emigration indexes, published emigration lists, police registration records, and other departure documents, as well as sources in the emigrant's new countries. [6] In 1866 Adolph Wagner wrote an article on Ocean Transportation in Rentschs Handwrterbuch der Volkswirtschaftslehre. Bark Gutenberg 16 May Where family registers were kept, the departure was sometimes noted there. Sarah Ann 6 October Josephine 8 November Knickerbocker 9 September Elise 8 September In addition to clean housing, medical exams and disinfections were conducted to ensure that only healthy individuals left the port. Meta 4 January This page was last edited on 5 December 2022, at 21:20. Bremen, Germany. Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Bremen, Germany ISTG - Bremen Departures From the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild and Die Maus Genealogical Society of Bremen Germany. Ship O. Thijen 8 November, 1856 Ship Europa 5 June, 1867 Luntine 23 June 631 D St Lincoln, NE 68502 (402) 474-3363. Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild is independently owned. Clementine 11 February Current database may be searched at the museum in Bremerhaven or by mail for a fee. Trenton 16 December For additional information about image restrictions see Restrictions for Viewing Images in FamilySearch Historical Record Collections. Olbers 4 April Description [ edit] The ship was 357 feet 0 inches (108.81 m) long, with a beam of 41 feet 0 inches (12.50 m) and a depth of 26 feet 0 inches (7.92 m). Friederich Jacob 9 December Wills or testaments of relatives who stayed in Germany occasionally mention their relatives in foreign lands. Marianne 20 September Hualco 21 August Knickerbocker 9 September Remember that there may be more than one person in the records with the same name as an ancestor and that the ancestor may have used nicknames or different names at different times, Keep in mind that there may be more than one person in the records with the same name, Standard spelling of names typically did not exist during the periods our ancestors lived in. Charlotte 20 September By 1867 the last of the sailers was sold. After WWII some of these lists and a card index were archived at the "Bundesarchiv Koblenz" as Bremen Shiplists. The extent of original materials at the GG Archives can be very beneficial when researching your family's migration from Europe. SS Neckar 21 January Apollo 7 July Bremen 12 August President 17 July Early in the century Bremen had recognized the future of the emigrant trade. The Deutschland, the Hapags only express steamer, paid for with the proceeds of the sale to Spain of obsolete Hapag liners, at the time of the Spanish-American war. Marianne 16 October Elise 8 September Devonshire 18 November In 1987 and 1990 those lists were given back to the Bremen Chamber of Commerce. Ship Hermine 17 January Content: Passenger lists. In 1898 a freight line was established to China and the Far East and the Hamburg Kingsin Line (1871) of the same destination was purchased. Diana 11 November At first it ran through the Suez Canal and down the east coast as far as Delagoa Bay. Louise 10 October Telegraph 25 April Ship Aurora 19 September Immigration & Steamships - Collections & Research Immigration & Steamships Tap or click on a column heading to sort by that column. Johann Friedrich 19 June This compiled list can help you identify possible relations that can be further verified by researching, When you have located your ancestors record, carefully evaluate each piece of information given. Republic 13 June Bashan 3 November Howard 1 May America 17 August Mercur 24 August The German companies were hard hit when the American panic of 1907 set in and ruined their emigration business for 1908. Bremen 4 December Bark Clara 17 December, 1868 Telumah 12 November Timoleon 22 November Humphrey 25 July Paoli 20 December The Kosmos also has a line from Genoa to West America and in the course of its career has bought up the rival Hamburg Pacific Steamship Company. Sju Brder 22 November Paul earned a Masters of Archival Studies - a terminal degree from Clayton State University in Georgia, where he studied under renowned archivist Richard Pearce-Moses. [1] It is a convenient abbreviation to employ, just as the Lloyd is a convenient abbreviation for the great Bremen company, the North German Lloyd. Brig Reform 29 November, 1851 Many emigrants from Germany, Austria and Central Europe headed for the German port of Hamburg. Hamburg was the transitional stop for emigrants from the Northern German coastal countries as well as from Eastern European countries.